Uclan Denyse Combo Pro Hevc 265 S2+T2C Multistream

Venditore: Uclan
U2C Denys H.265 PRO (uClan Denys H.265 PRO) uClan Denys H.265 PRO is a new satellite HD receiver that went on sale in early 2018 in several modifications: uClan Denys...


U2C Denys H.265 PRO (uClan Denys H.265 PRO)
uClan Denys H.265 PRO is a new satellite HD receiver that went on sale in early 2018 in several modifications: uClan Denys H.265 PRO and uClan Denys H.265 PRO COMBO . The U2C / uClan brand range is constantly expanding, the previous models of satellite HD receivers are replaced by more and more new and improved versions of satellite receivers, and came out in the uClan Denys / U2C Denys model lineup. For those who do not know yet, it's worth recalling that the U2C brand has rebranded and now all products are entering the digital TV market under the uClan brand , so buy U2C Denys H.265 PRO orbuy uClan Denys H.265 PROabsolutely the same thing. The U2C Denys H.265 PRO is technically no different from the previous U2C Denys H.265. The platform is based on a fast and up-to-date GX6622 processor bundled with 256 MB of RAM, accepts DVB-S, DVB-S2 and supports MPEG2, MPEG4, H.265 (HEVC) codecs. The work of uClan Denys H.265 PRO on the Linux operating system in the MINI-LINUX image is built, which allows to perfectly integrate the software and additional functions with each other, thus obtaining a universal device that can not only receive digital satellite channels in HD quality, but also increase attractiveness due to multimedia functions. On the multimedia capabilities of the brand U2C already legendary, For the first time in satellite receivers such wide opportunities of streaming video playback using the Internet began to appear. U2C Denys H.265 PRO works perfectly with external USB drives, allows you to record and play back the content of all common audio / video file formats, supports H.265 codec. Connecting uClan Denys H.265 PRO to the Internet will be available free video services:IPTV, OTT, YouTube, Filmix.net, Tree.Tv , the firmware includes plug-ins KODI , STALKER and WEB TV . Connection of the satellite HD receiver Denys is carried out using the built-in ethernet network port or using an external USB WI-FI adapter (not supplied), support for the RT-5370 and MT-7601 chips was announced. Price uClan Denys H.265 PROdiffers from the satellite receivers of the previous generation and this is due to the modification of the model, now the satellite HD receiver is made in an elegant medium-sized plastic case, the front panel contains a four-digit digital display and a card-slot hole, both USB ports and the IR receiver socket are placed on the side panel. On the back panel of uClan Denys H.265 PRO are located: antenna input, RS-232 port, coaxial output, 3-RCA analog output, digital audio / video output HDMI, network port and connector for external 12V 1.5A power supply. U2C Denys H.265 PRO can be connected to any type of TV, it comes with an analog 3-RCA cable , but to buy an HDMI cablewill be separately, it is not included in the delivery set. One of the very adorable features of uClan Denys H.265 PRO is its omnivorous IPTV support , the satellite receiver supports working with the popular STALKER Portal and perfectly reproduces and reads IPTV lists of channels in M3U format that can be downloaded from a USB drive, download IPTV with URL link (self-renewed channel lists) and use operator lists. Firmware uClan Denys H.265 PROvery simple. For the firmware it is only necessary to connect the satellite receiver to the Internet and the software will check for the presence of a new version of the software on the update server, after which it will prompt the user to make updates, in the same way it is possible to download channel lists and BISS keys from the console via the Internet for free . To summarize it is worth saying that uClan Denys H.265 PRO satellite HD receiver will not be completely correct, uClan Denys H.265 PRO is rather a multimedia platform with the possibility of satellite reception, the vastness of multimedia functions when a user has access to the Internet pushes its primary purpose to second plan, with all the price of U2C Denys H.265 PRO is at the level of smart set-top boxes, and the presence of an expanded IPTV player allows to extend the reception of digital channels to an infinite number, which advantageously distinguishes U2C / uClan models from other brands of satellite HD receivers.

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